Googly movie review

Review by Arjun Kumar S


Googly movie is Pavan Wadeyar’s second directorial film in Kannada starring Rocking star Yash, Kriti Kharbanda, Anant Nag, Sudha Belawadi. The combination of Pavan Wadeyar and Yash created an obvious expectation from the film. Let’s get into the review to know more about it.


Pavan Wadeyar has come up with a simple and plain love story which has minimized action and has emphasized on comedy in the narration. Sharath (Yash) is a smart, brilliant student in the college who stands first in all activities. although Sharath is first rank student, Teachers and students don’t like him because of his pranks and being sarcastically straight forward. Swathi (Kriti Kharbanda) is an orphan practicing medicine comes to Bangalore to attend a conference which conducts competition for top students. Sharath meets Swathi at the conference and get attracted towards her. Sharath who is against time pass love and girl who flirt takes his time to propose Swathi. In the mean while Swathi falls for Sharath but halts to express her feeling to him. Sandeep (Sandeep) helps Swathi in an accident leads to misunderstanding between Sharath and Swathi. Instead of proposing, they both part away. Sharath within a span of 2 years turns into business man of international reputation. His love towards Swathi will bring him back to India. Sharath meets Swathi again while going to Mangalore to attend his friend’s marriage. Swathi asks Sharath to stay away from her and not to talk during marriage. Can he convince Swathi to marry him ? Is there any Googly in the climax ? Go, see for yourself to know more.

googly movie review


As goes the movie title ‘Googly’, there is not much twists and turns for the audience to get tensed about. Pavan Wadeyar has opted to narrate simple love story on a comedy track with perfect placement of songs and fights. Pavan has improved alot better than his first movie as director. cuts on double meaning dialogues, item songs and vulgar scenes at the script level show the maturity of young director and his team. Yash steals the show with his dialogue delivery, fight scenes and surprising fits in for comedy as well.┬áKriti Kharbanda looks very pretty and fits in the block perfectly. Anant Nag is versatile as usual. Sadhu kokila, Sudha Belawadi, Aswath Neenasam, Sandeep fit in with ease in their respective characters. Joshua Sridhar has given melodious as well as peppy numbers for the movie. Googly Gandasare keli song cheer up the mood where as Yeno yeno and Bisilu kudure songs are catchy for the melody. Cinematography by Vaidhi is neat although it has missed out on focusing subjects in few frames.

Googly belongs to both class and mass audience. Pavan Wadeyar and team has taken care in delivering right amount of entertainment for people of all age group. Googly has received ‘U’ certificate from censor and is a decent movie for family audience to watch.


Googly is a simple love story engaging all set of audiences. Watch it for entertainment and nothing else.



Review by Arjun kumar S