6-5=2 Movie Review


Just Imagine !

Nature – A beauty, wonderful creation of god, spellbinding greenary and what not !
What if.. You are made to see the darker side of it..
What if.. This beauty haunts you to the last breeze of your ultimate breath..
What if.. The silence of the daylight becomes shady and shallow in the dark..
WHAT IF.. The evil spirits around you makes the firmest decisions to take you with them.
You just cant help it ! No escape plan could actually help you !!!

Its 6 people, you take 5 out of it and 2 still remain. Watch out ! Someones around you.. 6-5=2.

6-5=2 movie review

Story :

6 Friends. A weekend adventure trip to the mountain tip. Strange things. Unusual experiences. But no one bothers. It begins when 1 of them falls ill and the rest continues the trek, but will they return ? What is the horror that awaits ? What is 6-5=2 ?

Can you handle the truth ?

Can you digest the truth ?

Beware ! This ones a shocking true story !

Review :

No introduction of the cast, not even a single mentioning of the crew, the motion picture event unfolds with a shocking newspaper article. That sets the mood ! Bravo !

A lot of hard work and effort has gone into making this movie a 120 min worthwhile watch. This kind of an experiment was very  much needed and the best part is РNarration (Brilliant and Interesting), which is above all. This show is definitely an edge of the seat, thrilling, funny and of course SCARY. At its Best.

Beware : Don’t leave the empty seats beside you at the theaters. Who knows.. If Someones there.
Let the shows run full house ! Go for it !



Review by Rithvik Muralidhar